Bell’s Brewery Tap Takeover



BellsUpperLipWednesday, March 2nd – 4-10PM


6 Taps | 5 Stouts | Two Hearted | 1 Upper Lip

Our friends at Running Man Distribution decided that the NORTHwest needed a visit from our good pals in the MIDwest to cheer us up during this final stretch of winter.


So, like the Pavlovian dogs we are, we came running when we heard Bell’s would be back in Portland for a limited time.


They’re coming through with a pack of burly stouts to show us how the Michigander’s stay warm during the colder months. Don’t worry Two-Hearted fans, we’ve got you covered too!


Two Hearted
Kalamazoo Stout
Cherry Stout
Java Stout
Spiced Stout
Expedition Russian Imperial Stout