School of Krautrock

KrautrockIn conjunction with GermanFest at Bailey’s Taproom and in celebration of the Germans’ love of music and dancing, The Upper Lip will play host to a German Electronic Music Chronology. We’ll kick it off 6pm with Eric Sterling bringing in the influence of German electronic music with a “Krautrock” set.


At 7pm Proqxis will step it up while blending Krautrock into the infantile stages of the genre.


Then from 8-10pm Evan and Bowser will slowly progress the set into modern electronic bringing in the new “new”, and finally wind down the night with some original production work from Bojarski.


Not to be forgotten, 6 taps of German-style beers will be available with origins ranging from Oregon to Germany:

Rosenstadt – Kolsch & German Pale
Victory – Kirsch Gose &┬áPrima Pils
Ayinger – Alt Dunkel & Maibock


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